Manteca Quintet

Image of Latin and salsa band Manteca
Thursday, 8th May 2014

Download their song 'Descarga China' from their EP 'Oye' by clicking HERE

Playing Latin American Standards of a more acoustic fashion featuring songs from Peru , Colombia , Argentina and Mexico , combining passionate boleros with groove Cuban son , cumbias and Peruvian Lando for a truly "Latin American music Journey"!!!!!

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Martha Acosta : Lead Vocals and hand percussion.
Javier Fioramonti: Guitar and Bass - MD
Shanti Paul Jayasinha: Trumpet & Cello
Tristan Banks : Drums
Gareth Buckland: Piano


Formed by Colombian singer Martha Acosta and bass guitarist/MD Don Fiora (Javier Fioramonti) for the Hogmanay festival in Edinburgh 2001. Manteca proved to be at the cutting edge of the Latin scene, leading over 3,000 people at the World Music Stage "salsa-ing" into the New Year to their unique style of Urban Latin Funk. Since then Manteca have become well known for creating a party mood at festivals and gigs all around, including Coin St. Festival London, Rhythms of the City festival Leeds, Ecorhythms Festival and many more.

"Ripping new live funky Salsa affair from the finest Latin musicians of London, guaranteed to induce all manner of heel-stamping and handclapping among the throng" Fact Magazine

"Manteca, is one of London's best exponents of NuYorican-style boogaloo" John Lewis, Time Out