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London Drum Clinic - Revealing the Secrets of Indian Rhythm is past the date when it may be purchased online.

London Drum Clinic - Revealing the Secrets of Indian Rhythm

London Drum Clinic hosted by The Vince Dunn Orchestra and Drumsense at Hideaway Jazz Club London, tonight featuring Maestros of the Indian Tabla
Thursday, 14th Mar 2019
Doors 7.30pm
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Tonight, the London Drum Clinic explores the secrets of Indian rhythms! Hideaway in association with The Vince Dunn Orchestra and Drumsense present Maestros of Tabla and Indian Classical Music DHANRAJ PERSAUD, KRISHAN BASKARAN & SIEMY DI (David Bowie, S club 7, Emma Bunton, Roy Ayers).

This event is suitable for drummers and percussionists of all levels!


Dhanraj began his training at the age of 14 under the tutelage of Pandit Rajkumar Misra. In keeping with the lineage of his Guru, Dhanraj follows the playing style of the Jaipur and Farukhabad Gharanas of Tabla. Not only is Dhanraj an accomplished Tabla player but also an experienced vocalist, currently receiving training from Smt. Chandrima Misra of the Kasur-Patiala Gharana. Dhanraj has performed extensively around the UK and is fast becoming a much sought after performer within the Indian Classical Music scene in this country.


Krishan Baskaran is a versatile percussionist specializing in Indian Classicals. He has accompanied many leading Grade A artists and performed for classican and fusion projects in the UK and Europe.


Siemy is a London (UK) based drummer, percussionist and composer, exclusively endorsing Liberty Drums and Bosphorus Cymbals. His fascination with rhythm shaped his musical education as he journeyed through the roots of jazz, latin, rock and African music. To broaden his cultural depth and musical knowledge, Siemy studied Western Classical Music at the Conservatoire de Musique de Tournai (Belgium) and most recently carnatic rhythm/Indian classical music under the guidance of the mridangam maestro, sri M Balachandar at Bhavan Institute of Indian Music and Art (UK). These influences were fused together to create a diverse and unique sound to complement Siemy’s signature 4 way coordination and independence techniques showcased through his masterclasses, drumshows and live performances.

Recently, Siemy has been published in Rhythm magazine (Nov ‘17) where he shares many insights into his broad musical vision and offers readers an introduction to his renowned independence work. Being approached by Drumeo to teach about the creative exploration of the left foot provided Siemy a new platform to promote his musical ability and capture a new audience overseas, keen to learn how Siemy borrows concepts from many different cultures and percussion instruments before applying these to the traditional drum set.

​Siemy won the ‘Best Live Band Award’ for the Classic Rock Society (UK) in 2004 with his fusion band Siemy di System and was subsequently nominated as the best drummer of the year. He also performed at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank at Rhythm Sticks Festival, London, UK in 2006 supporting Tony Allen. Since 2012 Siemy has also been performing with Mothlite, a gothic-pop band signed to Kscope (Porcupine Tree, Ulver, Gazpacho), managed by Visible Noise (Bullet for My Valentine, Lostprophets).

If Siemy had one message for the up and coming musicians of today, it would be to keep rhythmically open-minded and never stop exploring, sharing and immersing oneself in the many beautiful cultures from around the world.