Local Live

Friday, 29th Nov 2019

Hideaway presents Local Live, a monthly showcase of the finest new alternative music, showcasing the best local artists in London! Love & get up, down and all around to this great lineup! With Savage Gary, Sonic Eyes and Aloha Dead plus DJ Odette Mysterion!

Tickets are £5 between 7pm - 8pm. Tickets are £7 after 8pm *CASH ONLY*.

Doors Open 7pm - Show Starts 8pm.


Dan Carey (Savage Gary) has a musical tale far too long to do justice with a online scribble - making worldwide noise from his Streatham independent record label & sound lab Speedy Wunderground with the likes of Warmduscher, Meatraffle, Goat Girl, Fontaines DC, Kate Tempest, Black Midi... keep listing them and listening to them as the water fall of sound flows on with the new "Year 4" Speedy Wunderground LP about to launch. With his own Savage Gary Swarmatron experience, it will be a beautiful chance to see a rare modular instrument harmonizing with an even rarer talent. Don't miss it!



Born from another beautiful chaotic collective, Sonic Eyes is Gavin Mysterion (Scud FM), Zsa Zsa Sapien (Meatraffle, HiFi Twins, Scud FM) and Dan GB (Scud FM) melding words with electronic hedges and basement guitar vibes to create majickal wormholes into your mind garden. Tune out now.


Goth-blues heartbreakers.

“Scorched torch songs and bruised ballads for the lovelorn, like your sweetest dream and your worst nightmare rolled into one”. - Benjamin Louche The Double R Club

"If David Lynch was wearing a voluminous Hawaiian Shirt and if that shirt made a record, it would sound like this" The Shend - The Cravats

From 11pm there will be a Vinyl party dance off headed by Queen of 45rpm's ODETTE MYSTERION!

More excitement TBA!!!