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Light Of The World (Friday)

Light Of The World Brit Funk legends at Hideaway Friday 21st June
Friday, 21st Jun 2019
Doors 7pm, Show 9pm
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Widely acknowledged as true innovators of Brit funk, jazz funk and soul funk. Light of the World’s unique sound is a combination of gutsy soulful vocals, tight jazz horn melodies and fat gritty bass lines.

Light Of The World took their name from the 1974 Kool & the Gang album ‘Light of Worlds’. Formed in 1978, the band became one of the main acts in the Brit funk movement of the late 1970s and early 1980s along with Hi-Tension, Linx, Incognito, Atmosfear, Central Line, Imagination and Freeez.

Signed to Chris Hill’s Ensign label in 1979, their debut singles ‘Swingin’ and ‘Midnight Groovin’ were huge dancefloor songs at the Goldmine in Canvey Island (the home of the UK’s Jazz-Funk scene) and across the country. The band were invited on to Top of the Pops to perform their next singles in 1980 ‘I Shot the Sheriff” and ‘Time’. Arguably their most loved song ‘London Town’ was released in the same year. After three albums ‘Light Of The World’, ‘Round Trip’ and ‘Check us Out’ the band split in 1982.

Three decades later, the band reunited and are still touring today, as original members Gee Bello, Mel Gaynor and Nat Augustin continue to delight soul fans with that iconic LOTW sound.

A Hideaway Joint Promotion in Association with Light Of The World.