New Box Office for Hideaway Jazz Club

Sun, 29/04/2012 - 1:45am

The area of Hideaway Jazz Club that used to contain the "Hideaway Jazz Cafe", has now been re-opened as the Box Office for the Jazz Club.


The rest of this area has now been merged with Hideaway Workspace, due to the extremely high demand for top quality office space in Streatham. Hideaway Workspace is Streatham's premium service provider for office space, hot desking and meeting room needs.

Due to the phenomenal success of Hideaway Workspace over the past few yearsAn example of Hideaway Workspace's office areas, it will be expanding into the area previously occupied by the Hideaway Jazz Café, to provide the extra office space required to satisfy our growing waiting list. Click here to visit the Hideaway Workspace website.

The Hideaway Box Office counter - have a coffee and enjoy some music...Hideaway Jazz Club will maintain its High Road presence, as the Hideaway Box Office will still be open for customers to visit, using the same frontage as the Café did. We will be offering comfortable seating and coffees, as well as the sounds of jazz legends, soul icons, funk and blues favourites, so pay us a visit and relax while you browse our gig calendar.