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Friday Night Comedy with Tony Law

Friday Night Comedy with Tony Law, Earl Okin and Ben van der Velde at Hideaway Comedy Club Streatham
Friday, 21st Apr 2017
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm
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Headliners TONY LAW, EARL OKIN and BEN VAN DER VELDE (MC) plus funny guests!

£8 In Advance or £10 On The Door.


***If you are booking for your birthday  the birthday person will receive free entry and a welcome cocktail if they produce photo ID on arrival. The birthday must fall within 7 days of the night you wish to attend. Please state in your bookings notes if it is a birthday group and tell us the name of the person celebrating. Do not purchase a ticket in advance for the birthday person, only purchase tickets for the rest of the group. Mistakes will not be refunded.


In some moments of strangeness he channels the spirit of the late Chris Lubey – a circuit comic whose act was impersonating RAF fly-pasts – then he’s on about a lizard-moose who can see the future . A large chunk is delivered in an accent from America’s Deep South for no particular reason. Some of the tales might be considered metaphor – his past life as a  trampolining champ mirroring some ups and downs in his mental wellbeing – most might be considered just plain surreal, for you can’t spell Tony Law without WTF.

This isn’t, perhaps, vintage Law, but he’s never less than intriguing: funny peculiar as much as it is funny ha-ha, though if you buy tickets for a show with a title as cumbersome as A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome, that’s only to be expected. And if you’re not on Law’s wavelength you’ll get baffled, and quite possibly angry, at how such nonsense could possibly pass as comedy.


Comedian, jazz musician and singer/songwriter, Earl Okin is charming witty and rather adept at the mouth trumpet!

In 1959 he began his career as a musician, recording his first single in the Sixties at Abbey Road. During the Seventies, he opened for such acts as Fairport Convention, Van Morrisson and Wings. Also in the Seventies, he moved trough the folk circuit, where he encountered the likes of Billy Connolly and Jasper Carrott, who started to introduced comedy to their acts. When this circuit crumbled, Okin moved to the new alternative comedy circuit, and was invited to perform at the now legendary Comic Strip. He has been on the circuit ever since.

Okin has also been an Edinburgh Fringe veteran, claiming to have performed more shows there than anyone else, and has performed his variety act around the world. He has also had his own radio 4 series, Earl Okin & Friends, and recorded several albums of music and a couple of comedy.

"He's a joy! He is classic! He is a must!" - Evening News


Ben has been dizzying himself on the stand-up merry-go-round for the past five years. In that time, this has been said about him:

"A sharp and crafty gagsmith, with wittily obtuse takes impressively wide range of topics...bringing flair and confidence to them all. " Steve Bennett, Chortle (November 2011)

"Whipsharp...with an air of mischievous mayhem...his hit rate is impressive, while his in-the-moment style creates a buzz of excitement in the room...a life-giving compere." Steve Bennett, Chortle (February 2009)

“Highly accomplished comic.” Time Out

"Ben compered my 400 capacity Live at The Regal club in Oxford, to a fairly rowdy Saturday night crowd there to see Jim Jefferies. He did an excellent, professional job and considering the crowd control involved I was impressed that he managed to get jokes in and get big laughs out of a drunk audience. Despite being a relatively young act I'd say he's definitely at a point that the larger chain clubs should be trying him out as a compere." Paddy Luscombe, FBS Productions

"Exquisite comic timing...wonderfully clownish physical comedy." British Theatre Guide

"Left the audience beaming from ear to ear with satirical quips and hilariously sinister tales." BBC 3 Counties

"A stunningly quick wit." Spoonfed

"Flaunted his razor-sharp wit to hilarious effect leaving the audience bent over double." Three Weeks