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EFG London Jazz Festival Paul Jackson Trio at Hideaway
Friday, 14th Nov 2014
Doors 7pm, Show 9pm
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Join us for this extra special Paul Jackson Trio official CD European Launch Concert event for 'Groove or Die' on Whirlwind Recordings featuring Xantone Blacq and Tony Match.


Paul Jackson

Bassist, vocalist, composer-arranger, producer, and educator Paul Jackson is known as a “Musician’s Musician.” A founding member of Herbie Hancock’s The Headhunters, Paul’s creative output has shaped a new direction in contemporary music. He is one of the world’s most important and influential electric bassists - certainly one of the most studied and copied - and generations of bass players around the globe have been inspired by his signature infectious grooves.

After years of touring the globe with Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Chick Corea, and countless other visionaries, Jackson has finally assembled a new trio featuring multi-instrumentalist Xantoné Blacq and first-call drummer Tony Match. The Paul Jackson Trio has recently toured to sold-out club and festival audiences in Asia and Europe (some engagements featuring special guests Randy Brecker and Pee Wee Ellis) during which they have developed a new program of Paul’s original music. The result is Groove or Die, the trio's debut release, recorded at WAX studio in London.

Jackson couldn’t be more pleased with his new trio. “I am super happy. When we’re improvising I get the same feeling that I felt when playing with Herbie and The Headhunters. This band has everything I need." Indeed, Jackson's new trio is able to cover all the bases that the repertoire on Groove or Die requires. From soulful vocal ballads, samba, and driving Improv to Rock, P-funk, Jazz, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, and beyond, Groove or Die is an eclectic mix of emphatic vocals and embroiling instrumentals straight from the maestro himself and an amalgamation of Jackson’s decades of music-making at the highest level. For fans of Paul's bass playing specifically, the album doesn't disappoint-- it's chock full of grit, grime, and soul, delivered in the way that only Paul is capable of, complete with his trademark sound and nuances. No doubt a few of these infectious grooves will be added to the 'Paul Jackson bible of bass lines' that players know the world over.

Although Jackson is the center focus, his trio is very much a band with equal responsibilities and showcase given to its members. Paul performs as a vocalist, bassist and chief composer; however, an added bonus on the album is the musical force that is Xantoné Blacq, who turns out some highlight performances-- just listen to his sublime vocal feature on his own composition 'What You Talkin Bout'. He also contributes heavily to the album with lush background vocals, exciting keys solos, percussion and post production layering. Tony Match is the rock throughout the album opting for taste over showmanship, holding the drum chair with pride while performing with one of the world's greatest all-time bassists; no small feat.

Despite all its technical wizardry, Groove or Die is a highly accessible album for anyone who loves the craft of songwriting. Paul's lyrics reflect many of life's ups and downs, and his vocal delivery is as heartfelt and nuanced as his bass playing. After countless years on the road performing to millions of fans, Jackson sincerely believes there are only two choices in life: groove or die. To that, as Blacq appropriately exclaims in the liner notes, "there can be only one response: Groove on Paul, groove on."