Azymuth (Friday)

Brazilian jazz funk and samba from legendary Azymuth as part of London Jazz Festival at Hideaway Jazz Club Streatham South London
Friday, 18th Nov 2016

Legendary Brazilian jazz-funk pioneers behind the hit “Jazz Carnival” launch their first studio album in four years at Hideaway as part of London Jazz Festival 2016 for two nights.

 “Samba jazz legends” MOJO

"Innovators in dance/world music" Billboard

“Wonderfully timeless dance-floor material” Jazzthing

 “Arguably the most successful band out of Brazil” Songlines

“The foremost trio in Brazilian music, the kings of Samba Jazz and with their classic hit ‘Jazz Carnival’ they are the heralding angels of House.” Mochilla

 "Azymuth 'Jazz Carnival' - Boiler Room Session at Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Studios" :

Line Up

Alex Malheiros (bass), Ivan ‘Mamao’ ContiI (drums) and Kiko Continentino (keyboards) 


Formed in 1968, the original Azymuth line-up comprised Jose Roberto Bertrami on keyboards and synth, Alex Malheiros on bass and Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti on drums and percussion. Together, they are responsible for carving out an entirely new sound within Brazilian music, fusing jazz-funk with samba, creating their own unique genre, referred to as ‘samba doido’, which translates as ‘crazy samba’.

The mastermind of the trio Jose Roberto Bertrami, a musical genius whose boundary-pushing synthesizer work has drawn comparison to the likes of jazz great Herbie Hancock’s similarly pioneering 70s output, though the combination of Bertrami’s unique compositions and the band’s Brazilian swing make their sound completely their own. Jose Roberto Bertrami sadly passed away in 2012, leaving a gulf in Brazilian music that cannot be replaced and a legacy that is inescapable. As a result, as well as being a showcase for a new Azymuth album, the 2016 tour will also serve as a tribute to the life and work of Jose Roberto Bertrami and his immeasurable influence.

2016 will see the release of a brand new Azymuth album, penned by Mamao and Malheiros alongside Kiko Continentino, a highly skilled pianist, composer and arranger who, having worked with Brazilian legends such as Milton Nascimento and Gilberto Gil, is a musician certainly worthy of taking to both the studio and stage alongside Azymuth’s esteemed original members.