Azymuth and Marcos Valle (Friday)

Brazilian jazz funk and samba from legendary Azymuth and Marcus Valle at Hideaway Jazz Club Streatham South London
Friday, 7th Sep 2018

Ticket update 5th September: Seated tickets for this show have now sold out. We still have tickets available for Saturday's show CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

Azymuth and the 'renaissance man of Brazilian pop' Marcos Valle - two legends of Brazilian music unite on the Hideaway stage to pay tribute to the musical genius of Jose Roberto Betrami, a founding member of Azymuth and original keys player.

Far Out Recordings have rediscovered original Azymuth demo recordings from 1973-1974, pre dating any previously released studio recordings, and they will be releasing an album of these demos later this year.

For these two exclusive Hideaway shows the band will be playing some of the material from these early demos and will be joined on stage by the legendary Marcos Valle. The demos feature some of the band’s very early hits and the recordings will be released in a series of LPs and CDs.

All tunes feature Jose Roberto Bertrami, to whom this one off tour is a tribute and are some of the earliest works of the band covering their essential, unique style.


Marcos Valle

Throughout his astounding six decade career, infiltrating pop, bossa nova, samba, delicate psychedelia, jazz and funk, Marcos Valle has consistently shown a dogged determination to transcend the traditions and structures of bossa nova, whilst never veering away from the movement’s inherent, fundamental spirit. To some extent, his epithet ‘the original Rio beach boy’ is a handy one: it reflects the origin and character of his often sun-soaked sound, but expounding his importance in the lineage of Brazilian music, he is more discerningly known as ‘the renaissance man of Brazilian pop’. He is indeed one the very greatest and most important composers, arrangers, writers and performers in Brazil.



Line up: Marcos Valle (Guitar, Piano, Vocals), Patricia Valle (Vocals), Jessé Sadoc (Trumpet), Kiko Continentino (Keys), Ivan Conti Mamão (Drums), Alex Malheiros (Bass)