Hideaway venue - view from the mixing desk
crowded room at a Hideaway show
Our high-end sound desk provides our venue with the best acoustic ranges for our esteemed performers.
Hideaway's stage
Our customers, mingling at the bar, share insights on the performance - London's finest live jazz club Hideaway
Sound Engineer and the Hideaway bar
A section of our lovely dining area, and our stylish kitchen window
cocktails at the Hideaway bar
Cocktails at the Hideaway bar
Our master mixer finishes pouring one of our trademark cocktails - The Keyhole
The Hideaway bar area and seating
Delicious food from the hand of Hideaway's chef
Hideaway's stage and dining area, your destination for London's finest live jazz nights!

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Hideaway... so hip it's almost a pelvis

Simon Whiteside - Kai's Cats