Friday, 18th Jan 2013

Friday 18th January 2013, Tickets £13, Doors 7pm, Music 9pm (2 sets, approximate finish 11.30pm)

*PLEASE NOTE: The Friday night ticket price now includes entry to Hideaway's late DJ session, which follows the live show!*



This amazing London-based Afrobeats outfit have been busy recording for BBC Radio 3, and now Awalé will be making their Hideaway debut!

Vox : Miryam Solomon
drums: Ben Reynolds
bass : Kevin Toublant
Percussion : Jozef Berk
Timbales : Randy Lester
Congas : Jozef Berk
Keys/violin : Ernesto Estruch
Flute : Gareth Lockrane
Sax : Ben Somers
Trumpet : Joe Auckland
Trombone : Bob Dowell
Baritone Sax : Aaron Liddard
Guitar : Thibaut Remy



Formed in London in 2009, Awalé is a reflection of London’s multiculturalism. With members from Tunisia, Cuba, France, Slovakia and England, influences come from Afrobeat, Balkan music, North African Amazigh music, Congolese Rhumba, Ethio Funk, Jazz and Latin music, blended in their unique style. Through their music they take the audience on a journey across continents celebrating diversity and hope for mutual understanding of different cultures. The name Awalé, meaning “love each other”, comes from an ancient African game played in hundreds of versions around the world. Like the game, the music is played in turns and cycles of various length which echo themselves, sometimes very intricately and sometimes in unison. Heavily horn based, with the colour and excitement of 70′s funk and with Balkan inspired odd time signatures and melodies.